Tutor Report Assignment 5


I am sticking to my tutors wishes that I only post the odd comment from the report and not the whole report.

So I have used his comments that are relevant to rework or research of the assignment.


Overall Comments

Another strong collection of images that show that you are developing a voice and an understanding of the brief

Assessment potential

It may be worth looking at some of the images and definitely expanding on your reflection and consider producing more research.

Feedback on assignment

As you have progressed your work has improved and this final assignment shows that you are continuing on the path

Concern was shown over my use of the iPhone images for macro shots ideally I should use a macro lens for my Fuji.

When I can afford one I’ll buy one. I had an image in my head that I was after and I used what I had to get it.

Exploring all the possibilities of a flower is ambitious and I believe you have produced some interesting images unified by the black background

my tutor suggest looking at the processing

using a modified curve to increase contrast slightly, ensuing that the highlights are retained, this is very subtle, but it is that degree of control and technique that lifts the images

My tutor suggests I seek out the floral photography of Karl Blossfeldt and Robert Mapplethorpe

The approach you have is often more akin to the food photography that you have previously worked on , maybe that explains why some images as they look like beautiful ingredients from a recipe book

Could this approach be developed further?

No, not that keen on food photography, I just prefer black background.

The graphic quality of such images as the ‘sunset’ ( image 1)could be improved by going wider, looking at the series, it may be worth considering producing more alternatives or more moving images as a single image in the series stands out and maybe worth exploring more of this approach.

For the exercise 5.2 my tutor then suggests that I have

‘produced some strong work although inconsistent, they are some strong portraits and maybe this can be developed at a later stage.’

He recommends that I research Richard Avedon , his use of natural daylight- in the American West


You show commitment to the exercises but you now need to improve on the research and critical feedback on your own output.

Nothing new there, must try harder.

Research and learning log

You have produced strong research, however as stated before, it would maybe benefit from more visual support where possible, the research is so very important.

have to step it up a gear

Suggested reading and viewing

My tutor recommends that I visit the Tate Modern and see ‘ The Radical Eye’ , Sir Elton Johns personal photographic collection.

All artists never stop studying, researching and seeking inspiration from many sources.


After a long journey you are starting to produce strong work and are taking on new ideas and developing your own voice.

In a Nutshell I need to research more and document more reflectiveness. I have put together a gallery of the motion images of the flowers I used for Assignment 5 from my contact sheets.

After receiving my final tutor report I would like to thank my Tutor for his helpful comments.  I have taken his comments on board ready for rework of this assignment for submission for assessment in July. My learning blog will be updated accordingly.



Assignment 5

Assignment 5


For this assignment the subject I chose to photograph was a flower. Nature is efficient and amazing, its full of patterns and beauty if you only stop and look using a photographers eye.

I have picked the simplest subject I could think of and not actually taken a picture of it as a whole but made up a series which when put together represents a flower. I have tried to show different perspectives of a Chrysanthemum, from beginning at its base of a flower head to its deconstruction then to it being turned inside out and remade back into a flower showing progression.

I kept it to a black background for contrast to make the image look more abstract, so it is beauty in the simplest of forms. My aim for the images were to look like paintings with eye catching compositions. The camera I used was my Fuji X-T1 with a tripod. A ND 32 filter was attached for image 4. My iPhone 6s was used for images 1, 2, 3 and 10.


Ten images of a flower


What worked well

The deconstruction of the flower was exciting to do, I enjoyed playing with compositions and thinking creatively. Figuring out how to make the background more black using Photoshop wasn’t has hard I as had imagined. I have been practicing with my camera, the settings are becoming second nature. I am pleased with the simplicity of my results.

What didn’t work well

when I researched floral photography and a flower clamp was mentioned, I thought I would not need one of them but not having a flower camp hindered me a bit, if I was to become a serious floral photographer I would definitely buy one.  More practice is needed to perfect the spinning flower image which I think is my weakest image there are other images in the contact sheet which are seem better but there are with different types of flowers. I wanted continuous flow using the same flower if I was making a concession by mixing portrait and landscape orientations. The close up shots where done with my iPhone which I feel is cheating, it’s not as professional as my DSLR but I was very pleased with the results.

Improvements for the future

Get some studio lighting then I won’t need to use photoshop as much. Invest in a macro lens so I can get close up shots instead of using my iPhone camera. Develop this idea to take images of other organic objects deconstructed.

Demonstration of technical skills

I learnt how to do multi exposures in camera and I also used long exposure techniques which demonstrates the use of technical skills, I processed in Photoshop more than I usually do to get the finished image.  This assignment was a lot of computer time, correcting the background using curves and getting rid of dust and pollen that showed up on the final images.

Quality of Outcome

I am really pleased that I chose to do this idea as I have learnt a lot about floral photography and I feel my series works well. There is progression and the images are more art based.

Demonstration of creativity

I think I have demonstrated creativity using ideas adapted from other artists and photographers to show a flower is made up of different parts and can be shown differently. see links for artists


I kept in mind the Indian fable highlighted in my last learning log entry in the link below. Each image I took I would try and make sure that a question can be asked. What is it?

Please see learning log entries for research links

Learning log entries


I bought these books recently and I am reading all three at the same time in different locations, ( car, home and in bed) so they generally have been an influence me



Contact Sheets

Update : Here are my annotated contact sheets from my written log, images are a bit light I had trouble closing the lid while scanning.



Inspiration for Assignment 5

After much deliberation I decided to use flowers as the subject for my fifth assignment.

After reading the assignment brief I thought about how images can be taken out of context and how certain types of images need time to be absorbed and thought about. Then I remembered the Indian fable about the blind men and an elephant. I decided I wanted to do a series of images that were not obvious but if you looked closely you could decide what it was that you where seeing.





The piece of art work I recently bought for my study gave me inspiration.


After taking images of the fireworks on the Palm I thought how different a flower could be. This image makes me think of the flower Chrysanthemum


I researched what type of flowers are best for creative floral photography


Research links

Internet searches



Nobuyoshi Araki –  is it porn or Art?

Nobuyoshi Araki’s Flower Paradise




Stephen Field


Sean Gallagher



Qi Wei Fong- seen these images when I googled creative uses of flowers


Qi Wei Fong Photography: “Exploded Flowers” or Conceptual Imaging in Practice



Agniers Katrzoch  – I found some of her images of dead flowers on instagram and started following her. They are very different and I like them.




Photography is simple


Notes on assignment 5

There are two fundamentals in all picture taking- where to stand and when to release the shutter… so photography is very simple

(Jay & Hurn, 2001,p37)

So photography is simply viewpoint and moment… but what about subject? The simplest subject is the moment. You can record the moment in a snapshot, but when you review the photograph later you find you didn’t actually record the moment, you just recorded the ‘event of photography’

 It might take a very long time to simplify the whole world and its infinite framing into a subject that makes sense to you. Roberts Adams said ‘Sooner or later one has to ask of all the pictures what kind of life they promote’ (Grundberg,1999,p34). For now, though you should just feel comfortable with your subject. It should say something about you and in the end, you like it. 

With this quote in mind I then read the brief and made these bullet points for the requirements

The brief for assignment 5 states

  • 10 photos
  • Any subject
  • Each photo must be an unique view ( must contain new information)
  • Attention must be paid to the order of the series. There should be a clear sense of development

Assignment notes

  • Should explore your reason for your choice of subject by asking ‘what is it about?’
  • 300 words
  • Check notes prior to submission
  • Attach a link to exercise 5.2


  • Check work against the assessment criteria
  • Make notes on how well your work meets each criterion

Ideas for assignment 5 

They say ‘shoot what you love’ and people will be able to tell that you have passion in your work. I am interpreting this assignment to be about showing different perspectives of the subject.

I came up with several ideas here are the top eight runners

A different side to Dubai

I would photograph the back streets of Dubai in Satwa, Deira, Bur Dubai and Naïf areas. A comprehensive look at the life behind the glitz.

Follow a Sikh for a day

Sikhism is something I don’t know much about. Our Handyman is a Sikh, he is a star and I like talking to him about the world and the way it works. He was in the British army in India then he moved to Dubai. He has had a very interesting life so far and I would love to document it. He thinks I’m mad because I like doing DIY jobs myself. So we get on. I’ve been looking at Sikh photographers and images that have already been produced.



Abstract Traffic

Long exposure images of different views of traffic. I am enjoying taking long exposure images. This would be especially creative since some roads here are eight lane highways but would it show different perspectives. I’m not sure



Deconstructed flowers.

I researched the photographer Qi Wei Fong , his images are of deconstructed flowers, so it got me interested in floral photography. Flowers are simple and elegant. It is possible to show different aspects of them and their life cycle.

Qi Wei Fong Photography: “Exploded Flowers” or Conceptual Imaging in Practice


An unwanted dog

I’ve recently had a lot of contact with a stray abused dog . I contemplated doing images from a dog’s point of view or showing images of the impact of taking in an abused dog for a pet.


The Boozy brunch

Really want to do this idea for a series but I reckon I would get my camera taken off me if I start taking pictures of people getting more progressively drunk in posh hotels. It would start with everyone civilized in their designer clothes then it descends into drunken carnage and gluttony as last drinks order is called.

Maid culture.

Interview and take images of maids on their day off. This would entail shadowing them and the maids that have agreed to be photographed go to church on their day off and are quite religious which makes me uncomfortable. I wouldn’t enjoy the time spent on this assignment and it might come across in the images. I wouldn’t want to offend so I need to find maids that do different things on their day off, ones that have hobbies.

Zabeel park at night.

This would be another artificial light indulgence for me. There is a spectacular exhibition of illuminations of all shapes and sizes in Zabeel Park which I want to photograph.

Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park – New Tourist Attraction



 I have written the rest of my ideas for this assignment in my written log.