Photography is simple


Notes on assignment 5

There are two fundamentals in all picture taking- where to stand and when to release the shutter… so photography is very simple

(Jay & Hurn, 2001,p37)

So photography is simply viewpoint and moment… but what about subject? The simplest subject is the moment. You can record the moment in a snapshot, but when you review the photograph later you find you didn’t actually record the moment, you just recorded the ‘event of photography’

 It might take a very long time to simplify the whole world and its infinite framing into a subject that makes sense to you. Roberts Adams said ‘Sooner or later one has to ask of all the pictures what kind of life they promote’ (Grundberg,1999,p34). For now, though you should just feel comfortable with your subject. It should say something about you and in the end, you like it. 

With this quote in mind I then read the brief and made these bullet points for the requirements

The brief for assignment 5 states

  • 10 photos
  • Any subject
  • Each photo must be an unique view ( must contain new information)
  • Attention must be paid to the order of the series. There should be a clear sense of development

Assignment notes

  • Should explore your reason for your choice of subject by asking ‘what is it about?’
  • 300 words
  • Check notes prior to submission
  • Attach a link to exercise 5.2


  • Check work against the assessment criteria
  • Make notes on how well your work meets each criterion

Ideas for assignment 5 

They say ‘shoot what you love’ and people will be able to tell that you have passion in your work. I am interpreting this assignment to be about showing different perspectives of the subject.

I came up with several ideas here are the top eight runners

A different side to Dubai

I would photograph the back streets of Dubai in Satwa, Deira, Bur Dubai and Naïf areas. A comprehensive look at the life behind the glitz.

Follow a Sikh for a day

Sikhism is something I don’t know much about. Our Handyman is a Sikh, he is a star and I like talking to him about the world and the way it works. He was in the British army in India then he moved to Dubai. He has had a very interesting life so far and I would love to document it. He thinks I’m mad because I like doing DIY jobs myself. So we get on. I’ve been looking at Sikh photographers and images that have already been produced.

Abstract Traffic

Long exposure images of different views of traffic. I am enjoying taking long exposure images. This would be especially creative since some roads here are eight lane highways but would it show different perspectives. I’m not sure



Deconstructed flowers.

I researched the photographer Qi Wei Fong , his images are of deconstructed flowers, so it got me interested in floral photography. Flowers are simple and elegant. It is possible to show different aspects of them and their life cycle.

Qi Wei Fong Photography: “Exploded Flowers” or Conceptual Imaging in Practice


An unwanted dog

I’ve recently had a lot of contact with a stray abused dog . I contemplated doing images from a dog’s point of view or showing images of the impact of taking in an abused dog for a pet.


The Boozy brunch

Really want to do this idea for a series but I reckon I would get my camera taken off me if I start taking pictures of people getting more progressively drunk in posh hotels. It would start with everyone civilized in their designer clothes then it descends into drunken carnage and gluttony as last drinks order is called.

Maid culture.

Interview and take images of maids on their day off. This would entail shadowing them and the maids that have agreed to be photographed go to church on their day off and are quite religious which makes me uncomfortable. I wouldn’t enjoy the time spent on this assignment and it might come across in the images. I wouldn’t want to offend so I need to find maids that do different things on their day off, ones that have hobbies.

Zabeel park at night.

This would be another artificial light indulgence for me. There is a spectacular exhibition of illuminations of all shapes and sizes in Zabeel Park which I want to photograph.

Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park – New Tourist Attraction


 I have written the rest of my ideas for this assignment in my written log.


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