Inspiration for Assignment 5

After much deliberation I decided to use flowers as the subject for my fifth assignment.

After reading the assignment brief I thought about how images can be taken out of context and how certain types of images need time to be absorbed and thought about. Then I remembered the Indian fable about the blind men and an elephant. I decided I wanted to do a series of images that were not obvious but if you looked closely you could decide what it was that you where seeing.



The piece of art work I recently bought for my study gave me inspiration.


After taking images of the fireworks on the Palm I thought how different a flower could be. This image makes me think of the flower Chrysanthemum


I researched what type of flowers are best for creative floral photography

Research links

Internet searches



Nobuyoshi Araki –  is it porn or Art?

Nobuyoshi Araki’s Flower Paradise–crossing-boundaries-an-interview-with-nobuyoshi-araki?rgn=main;view=fulltext

Stephen Field

Sean Gallagher

Qi Wei Fong- seen these images when I googled creative uses of flowers

Qi Wei Fong Photography: “Exploded Flowers” or Conceptual Imaging in Practice



Agniers Katrzoch  – I found some of her images of dead flowers on instagram and started following her. They are very different and I like them.




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