Assignment 5

Assignment 5


For this assignment the subject I chose to photograph was a flower. Nature is efficient and amazing, its full of patterns and beauty if you only stop and look using a photographers eye.

I have picked the simplest subject I could think of and not actually taken a picture of it as a whole but made up a series which when put together represents a flower. I have tried to show different perspectives of a Chrysanthemum, from beginning at its base of a flower head to its deconstruction then to it being turned inside out and remade back into a flower showing progression.

I kept it to a black background for contrast to make the image look more abstract, so it is beauty in the simplest of forms. My aim for the images were to look like paintings with eye catching compositions. The camera I used was my Fuji X-T1 with a tripod. A ND 32 filter was attached for image 4. My iPhone 6s was used for images 1, 2, 3 and 10.


Ten images of a flower


What worked well

The deconstruction of the flower was exciting to do, I enjoyed playing with compositions and thinking creatively. Figuring out how to make the background more black using Photoshop wasn’t has hard I as had imagined. I have been practicing with my camera, the settings are becoming second nature. I am pleased with the simplicity of my results.

What didn’t work well

when I researched floral photography and a flower clamp was mentioned, I thought I would not need one of them but not having a flower camp hindered me a bit, if I was to become a serious floral photographer I would definitely buy one.  More practice is needed to perfect the spinning flower image which I think is my weakest image there are other images in the contact sheet which are seem better but there are with different types of flowers. I wanted continuous flow using the same flower if I was making a concession by mixing portrait and landscape orientations. The close up shots where done with my iPhone which I feel is cheating, it’s not as professional as my DSLR but I was very pleased with the results.

Improvements for the future

Get some studio lighting then I won’t need to use photoshop as much. Invest in a macro lens so I can get close up shots instead of using my iPhone camera. Develop this idea to take images of other organic objects deconstructed.

Demonstration of technical skills

I learnt how to do multi exposures in camera and I also used long exposure techniques which demonstrates the use of technical skills, I processed in Photoshop more than I usually do to get the finished image.  This assignment was a lot of computer time, correcting the background using curves and getting rid of dust and pollen that showed up on the final images.

Quality of Outcome

I am really pleased that I chose to do this idea as I have learnt a lot about floral photography and I feel my series works well. There is progression and the images are more art based.

Demonstration of creativity

I think I have demonstrated creativity using ideas adapted from other artists and photographers to show a flower is made up of different parts and can be shown differently. see links for artists


I kept in mind the Indian fable highlighted in my last learning log entry in the link below. Each image I took I would try and make sure that a question can be asked. What is it?

Please see learning log entries for research links

Learning log entries


I bought these books recently and I am reading all three at the same time in different locations, ( car, home and in bed) so they generally have been an influence me



Contact Sheets

Update : Here are my annotated contact sheets from my written log, images are a bit light I had trouble closing the lid while scanning.




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