‘Homage’ in my archives

The phenomenon of inspiration and influence.

We were asked to go through our personal archives and pick a couple of shots which celebrate the influence of other photographers in your work.

This was easy for me to do I have so many images where elements could be associated with other photographers styles. I enjoy learning and developing my photographers eye because you can get inspiration from anywhere and anything.


I took this image in Luna Park at St Kilda’s ,Melbourne. Firstly I noticed the pose of the lady. It mimics the elephant in more ways than one. There is a grey base on the elephant statue and the scooter is grey . I remember walking round to get a better angle to the right to get more of the lady in the shot. As I was taking this shot I was thinking about Martin Parr, Matt Stuart and Elliot Erwin.

2 thoughts on “‘Homage’ in my archives

  1. Love your blog, and I completely agree with your view of the course and empathize with it I am just staring 5.1 and like you, I view the course as a vague outline of what is required I have chosen to leave all my reworks until the end and see how I look at them then in light of tutor comments. Keep going and remember Exploring YOUR Vision, not anyone else’s.


    1. Thanks Graham. This comment was just what I needed! I’m suffering with a back injury and was thinking of dropping out but I really don’t want to. I have put this course in for assessment and hopefully the result whatever it is will spur me on. I wish you luck and hope that you enjoy the course.


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