Tutor report Assignment 4

I received my tutor report on the 22nd September, it was delayed due to the work commitments of my tutor. My tutor does not want me to publish the full report so I can only highlight relevant comments which relate to rework of my assignment.

Overall comments 

A strong series of images exploiting a great subject with a good technique and vision that creates a series of images that work as a whole and individually.

Assessment potential

Although you have taken a while to deliver this you are on the way and have the potential tpo take photography route to a degree, there is a need for you to step up with the academic research and produce more material for your assignments, failure to do this will result in poorer marks than you are capable of.

Feedback on assignment

In a nutshell,

my tutor liked the use of my long exposure images

‘This is a well used technique, in this case it is appropriate and in some ways has tamed some of the images to produce more subtle tones.

With regards to this assignment he wants more work from me,

‘There is evidence of lots of work but something like this maybe requires a number of visits to create an exceptionally strong body of work.’

and for me to use a different tripod

‘On a technical issue, this maybe your choice of tripod?’

and for me to visit the location more.

‘The limited time that you had at the location is reflected by the number of shots, but to produce great work you have to put in the time.’

I took 106 images on my night visit which are in my contact sheets, I visted the location 3 times once during the day, once at dusk and then at night. I didn’t include these images because they were in daylight and were just prepartory images for my stetches in my written learning log. The assignment brief suggests 6-10 images I have always supplied the full quota of images for every assignment.

My tutor then comments on the location of my assignment and says I should incorparate the Sydney Harbour Bridge more. This baffles me as my assignment was about artificial light and the bridge is not lit on a night. I have taken lots of pictures of the bridge during the day from every view point but I didn’t want to take pictures of Sydney Harbour Bridge for my assignment.

My tutor also comments on my image with the beggar in it

‘The light trails of one ride is a beautiful image that acquires a stronger effect if  cropped, the ‘beggar’ is almost incidental and a distraction, ‘

I was told in assignment one cropping is a ‘No No’ . You frame and shoot. Now im being told to crop

To be fair I did crop the image in the contact sheet just to see if it improved the image but I didn’t think it did and because art is subjective I  like the person being there.


I don’t post all my research because I am also doing a written log mainly because of the bad internet connection and website censorship issues here in the UAE. If I choose to get assessed I will be posting off my three note books.

My tutor has recommended looking at work by Bill Viola and Yayoi Kusama.

Learning log

I need to post more work on context, more reviews on artist and photographers. I know this already. I need to post what my feelings are with regards to artists work and photographers concepts but really what can I add that hasn’t already been said before. My train of thought is often very bizarre and I wouldn’t want to give the impression I wasn’t taking the subject seriously so I will keep to the written log.

Pointers for the next Assignment

My tutor recommends

‘Continue as you are but material shot for this assignment could be improved with additional work, maybe re-cropping some if this is possible?’

Next post will be recropped photos and rework of the contact sheets

My Thoughts

I agree with my Tutors comments about ‘more work’ there were delays with this assignemnt. I will endevour to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

I would like my tutor to critique each photo in the assignment along with constructive criticism and recomendations I would also like more than two suggestions for researching maybe even a reading list specific to my style he see’s developing. It would be great if the tutor left comments on my blog with suggestions. Since I am an international student and have little if no contact with other OCA students and staff this would be appreciated.

View from under Sydney Harbour Bridge
View from under Sydney Harbour Bridge

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