Field of Light exhibition

I am on holiday but I’m trying to visit galleries and keep up with my photography.

I was fortunate enough to visit Bruce Munro’s,  ‘Field of Lights” at Uluru, Northern Territories.Australia.


Bruce Munro is a British artist best known for producing large immersive light-based installations. Born in London in 1959, he lived in Australia from 1984 for 8years, he first visited Uluru with his wife in 1992 and that’s when the idea was first conceived.

The exhibition is the largest iteration of Field of light to date comprising of 50,000 stems, covering an area of over 49,000 square metres. The artwork is made up of 300,000 individual components.

Bruce Munro’s own words

” The Field of Light at Uluru represents the convergence of the land and culture and my own re-learning. This iteration is inspired by culture in its structure and form’ graphic descriptions of all the thoughts and my own journey. The concept of time is important as Uluru is inextricably linked to a significant past, present and future. I have composed this iteration so that the viewer’s experience is from a series of random pathways through the installation, each and any pathway representing traversal through time: my past, our present, Uluru’s timeless future.

Each iteration of Field of Light has led to response and reaction. I have learnt that the work has allowed the viewer to lose themselves within it, that it has inspired, led to love, healed sadness and that it has made people think. Of course I had not imagined nor planned for such responses but it speakers of the feeling of ‘Forever and always’ truth that ephemeral experience sometimes creates, a sense connection and shared experience. All of us want to connect with the sense of being part of something larger than our single lives. This connection is no more important anywhere than at Uluru, an area sculptured by landscape and culture and shared memory”

My own words

I chose to do the sunrise visit to the exhibition because I knew there would be less people about than at a sunset, it made sense. All visitors were encouraged to take photos of the installation but tripods were not allowed, luckily my gorilla pod was already attached to my camera otherwise I would not of been able to get any clear pictures.

The experience was pretty special, I’m a big fan of visual stimuli. The area was so peaceful, the pathways were many so you could walk amongst the stems. I had my iPhone as well which seemed to cope with the low light scenario just as well as my camera. My new camera which I am still getting to grips with.









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