Exercise 4.5



Exercise 4.5

Is to address the idea of Creativity on a photographed subject. A screen grab of a subject from Google images is to be used to demonstrate the similarities of the images and how difficult it is to be original and creative. This exercise is to look at the subject from a different perspective and produce images that are creative. The subject can be incidental, juxtaposition, focusing or framing as a main subject.

From part 1 of the course we are told that ‘Demonstration of Creativity’ is Imagination, experimentation, invention and the development of a personal voice. This will lead to taking creative risks and occasional failure. I call it. The struggle.

So the Burj Khalifa is probably one of the most photographed subjects in Dubai. It is an amazing building. On the screen grab the majority of the shots are of the height and surrounding buildings which are edited to show how grand the Downtown area is. Its a major tourist attraction. There is always a scramble by photographers to capture a picture of the Burj Khalifa from a different view point when another new skyscraper is built near it.

A screen grab from a google search for Burj Khalifa

One of my ongoing pet projects is taking pictures of the Burj Khalifa during everyday life. When I’m shopping, running errands with the kids, going the park or on a night out , its the Burj Khalifa from different locations around Dubai.  I’ve done this for 7 years, ever since moving here. Its the pictures that no one takes. Its where the Burj Khalifa is in the background, its always there. Some are good, some bad but some were taken because of the memory they hold for me at that particular time, all of them are a record. So I have taken pictures of the Burj Khalifa were it is incidental and also focused and framed in shots. I have used my observational skills and shot the details as well as ‘Camera vision’ shots.

Contact Sheets

These images are just some from my archives. I literally have hundreds of images from all different viewpoints in all different weathers.  My plan is to keep collecting them as Dubai is constantly changing.

Here are my Creative picks


How do my images differ from the ‘Google’ images?

The google images of Burj Khalifa show the polished images, used for advertising in holiday brochures which are edited a lot. The shape of the Burj Khalifa is now Iconic, here in Dubai it represents an achievement for the city. My images are everyday images. I see the reflections, details and different viewpoints from distant different locations, where the Burj Khalifa is an anomaly piercing the sky above a flat Dubai landscape.





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