Exercise 4.4- Studio Lighting

Out of all the exercises this was the one that I was not looking forward to doing, feeling like a fish out of water as I have always shied away from wanting to learn about studio lighting primarily because it seems expensive and repetitive but I am subconsciously reminded of school photos and pervy old men wanting to photograph school girls when I see studio lights. The way the mind works !

Anyway,I get that you can control the lighting effects, quality, direction,color and contrast compared to the outside daylight when its chucking it down with rain and grey. I have never done studio photography with light boxes and all that jazz. I own a reflector which I use if I’m doing someone’s portrait but I generally move the subject around ( indoors and outdoors) until I find a light that is flattering.

When it came to this exercise I was confused because I don’t actually know what a good studio photograph is. I just know what I like. I know I need to work on this aspect of my learning.

So parameters for this exercise were

  • Subject -has to be organic not inanimate
  •  Light has to be controlled
  • Exposure times to be monitored ( use a tripod)
  •  4-5 unique shots, changing viewpoint, lighting
  •  Add sketches of each set up
  •  Flash can be used

I wrote up my experiment in my written learning log with sketches of the set up as I went along. Below is an image of my set up. When I previously did the exercise I used colourama  which was grey and crease free but I lost my roll when we moved house so I had to resort to a black paper background. I used two desk lamps positioned as suggested in the coursework notes. Chayote was moved and held in precarious positions with blue tack while I used my gorilla pod to steady my camera. A large window was behind me flooding the area with natural light. The black paper creased easily and the blue tack kept on leaving flecks after use but otherwise I kept it as simple as I could.

Photographers that I had in mind were Edward Weston and Jean Baptiste Huynh.

Set up positioning of 2 lamps and black paper

I spent the afternoon taking images and thinking of different perspectives for my Chayote. Her are my six picks which I think demonstrate form

Contact Sheets


The photos and prep from the exercise when I did it last time seemed more excessively edited and high key. I prefer the black background images



Research Links

Jean Baptiste Huynh

http://www.jeanbaptistehuynh.com [accessed 12/06/2016]

Edward Weston

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nautilus_(photograph) [accessed 12/06/2016]

http://edward-weston.com/ [accessed 12/06/2016]




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