Holiday images.

I’m so glad that this course is a long distance ‘take your time’ course as I have just got back from a holiday in the UK and have lots to write up about.

I had an amazing time and took over a thousand photos using three cameras. Downloading the images now I can see I have some good and some bad ones. I continued to shoot in manual through out the holiday which helped me get over my dependence on the aperture priority setting and slowed my thought process down.

Manchester, which is one of my favourite places was the first city we stayed in then we went onto Liverpool. From there we went to Newcastle spending three days exploring the city and Northumbrian coastline.

Onwards to Glasgow through the Peebles then we travelled upwards to the Isle of Mull. We spent a week with friends discovering how beautiful the island of Mull is. We were lucky with the weather as the sun shone virtually everyday. We were there for the Salen country Show. It was fun to see and I had a go of trying to mimic a ‘Martin Parr’ style of photography especially around the highland bulls and the ice cream van.

We left Mull and came back to England via Glen Coe which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It has waterfalls, lakes, mountains and snow. If you are into Landscape photography you should visit there. It has everything.

After a long drive we stopped in Carlisle for a look around before heading down to Cheshire to stay on a farm for a week.

I visited at least one art gallery in every place and seen a couple of photography exhibitions through out my holiday. My review and opinions will be written up on my Blog as soon as I get all my holiday laundry done. Here are just a couple of my favourite images which make me smile with holiday memories.

Starting to rain by Afflecks Palace.
Starting to rain by Afflecks Palace.  We were willing it to rain and these were the first drops of rain I experienced in months.
Ornamental Pagoda, China Town , Manchester
Ornamental Pagoda, China Town , Manchester. A different perspective.
Angel of the North, Newcastle
Angel of the North, Newcastle.  I took so many photos when we stopped to see this as the clouds were spectatular
On the Border, Scotland side
On the Border, Scotland side. There was a roadside café and a piper on the Scottish side welcoming the tourists by the bus load.
At the Beach, Llandudno, Wales
At the Beach, Llandudno, Wales.  I watched country file and John Craven was in Llandudno so we decided to go for the day. We enjoyed wasting all our money on the penny slots on the pier.

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