Project 3 The beauty of artificial light

Research Method

I have got into a routine when researching Photographers. First I usually check the links provided by the coursework then I do a google search for any further reading. I like interviews and reading newspaper articles about the exhibitions. I check all the photography books I own and read anything that maybe relevant. I tend not to dwell on remembering dates of exhibitions or when artists won awards but on recognizing someone’s work, style and their influences.

I print off interviews which I find interesting and informative and put them into my written log. My written log also contains my thoughts, sketches, ideas and my images as well as images from other photographers.  For me this process ensures that I take in and retain information which may influence me when I am wandering around taking pictures.

Rut Blees

Some of Rut Blees images are original and beautiful. One of her images is of a tower block in London at night( the image was used for ‘The Streets’ album cover) and it has a lot of detail in it, which I am presuming is from the use of a large format camera which requires slowness. She has found the beauty in the building which otherwise would be considered an ‘eyesore’ tower block. It makes you want to look at the windows and look for details of what is going on in them.

In the image ‘In deeper’ 1999 which consists of reflections and footsteps on  a wet pavement, the orange glow of the lights reflected make the image feel warm and not cold and wet at all. Definitely an inspiration and one photographer to keep in mind while I am wandering round the back streets of Dubai.  [accessed 13/07/2015]   couldn’t really figure out this website [accessed 12/07/2015] [accessed 15/07/2015] [accessed 13/07/2015] [accessed 15/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015]


Stella Achimsa

One of her images is in the course work but I can’t find any information on her via Google.



A photography legend, some of his images in ‘Paris by Night ‘ are moody and remind me of dark street corners in winter dimly lit up by lampposts. Even though the link in the coursework is blocked for me here I managed to look at other websites to gather information and images on Brassai.                     Blocked [ accessed 13/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015]


Tony Ray jones

Until I read this photographers name in the coursework I didn’t know this guy existed and I am actually ashamed that I have only now seen his work and have heard of him.  I really enjoy his style of photography and a lot of his images remind me of my childhood in the North East of England. It’s quite sad how talented he was and that he died so young.  [accessed 16/07/2015][ accessed 16/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015] [accessed 16/07/2015]



Sato Shinaro

Another really good Japanese photographer that I like. His images of signs in the streets at night without people are really skillful and colourful. When looking through these images, locations came to mind here in Dubai, these areas would offer similar signage imagery but in Arabic. [accessed 12/07/2015] [accessed 15/07/2015] [accessed 15/07/2015]  [accessed 12/07/2015]  I translated the coursework link page to English but then got stuck on this page. [accessed 15/07/2015] [accessed 15/07/2015] [accessed 15/07/2015] [accessed 12/07/2015]


Marina Towers
Dubai marina towers



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