Exercise 4.3

Capture ‘The Beauty of artificial light’ in a short sequence of shots

The outside temp during the day is about 47 and its Ramadan which means No drinking in public during daylight hours. So it is easier for me to do the artificial light exercise before the daylight exercise. At least until Ramadan finishes this weekend.

Dubai is such a brilliant city at night virtually everything has fairy lights on it. It truly is amazing and I feel spoilt for choice when looking for artificial light. I looked through my archives to see what I had shot before to get some inspiration.

I have always thought that I am really bad at night photography, it was one of the main reasons I joined the EPyC so I could try and get better at long exposure images. Apart from researching the photographers listed in the coursework I have selected some of my past images just for creative purposes.


I felt like I needed to really prep for this exercise because I know I suck at low light exposures.

So I have arranged to go out every night for a week and shoot a different location. My plan  was during the day I will read up and research photographers then prepare for what type of image I am aiming for that night. I scouted locations on the first night I went out. I rarely go out on a night in Dubai when it starts to get hot, its just too humid and the driving is even more dangerous on a night than in the day for some reason.

The first night I went to the Marina which is the furthest location from where I live.  The second night I went down Beach road which is in the Jumeria  area. Since both areas are full of fairy lights and brightly coloured signage I have tried to look for something different and find the art in artificial light. I am still coming to terms with the white balance settings and at the moment I am mainly altering them during processing especially with shots that included a lot of mixed colours and light sources.

So far most of my shots have been outside, this is probably due to my hatred of malls. So it is nice to get out by the end of the day with a task in mind.  I want to get more shop fronts and reflections. I am looking for reflections in water, car bonnets, windows and unusual surfaces like marble tiles.

I can’t really describe the difference in Quality between daylight and artificial light as yet. When I have finished both exercises I am suspecting there will be a clear difference.


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