Some ‘Light’ reading material

To say ‘Light’ is very important in Photography is an understatement.

For Part 4 of this course the sections in the following books have been useful.


Digital Photography handbook

Michael Freeman’s Digital Photography Handbook by Michael Freeman. PIXIQ , revised and updated.

p50-62; p150-156; p196-198; p204-206

Really love this book, its very useful to refer to for printing and workflow problems.

Some light reading, ha ha

Light Science & Magic – An Introduction to Photographic Lighting by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, Paul Fuqua. Focal Press. Third Edition.

Started reading this book a while ago, it reminds me of an ‘A’Level physics book. It is a book to refer to when you want to go to sleep at night. Its useful but hard going.

Photographer's eye

The Photographer’s eye, Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos by Michael Freeman, ILEX

p56, p109, p110-113.

I bought this book before I begun this course as it is on the OCA,  ‘Art of photography’ course book list . The layout of this book is good and the images illustrate examples well.

Photo School Fundamentals

Michael Freeman’s Photo School Fundamentals by Wignall, Quinn, Bowker, Luck. Edited by Michael Freeman.  ILEX

p52-62; p100-102; p304-322

Another good book from Michael Freeman with a whole chapter on ‘Light’ which I found useful.

Photoshop CS5 book

the Adobe photoshop CS5 book for digital photographers by Scott Kelby. New Riders.

In my opinion when it comes to Photoshop tutorials, Youtube is a better learning tool than reading a book but I have this book and its OK. Scott Kelby goes off on tangents in an attempt to make learning fun, which works well in his other books I have read but its irritating in this one.


ONline tutorials and research.

Found this from a google search

A favorite of mine which I use for the science behind photography


Some articles I found which look at the art of light painting




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