Rework of Assignment 3

The four images I have chosen to replace my night images were easy to pick as I had already graded them when I initially decided to change my approach to my assignment. This is an art course primarily so choosing to show a different aspect of the ‘decisive moment” is worth the risk if it gets people thinking about what is art.

Cement Factory , AlQuoz
Cement Factory , AlQuoz. camera settings Manual setting, F22, 6 seconds, ISO 100, fl36mm

This is a cement Factory in Al Quoz  which is mainly an Industrial area situated in the centre of Dubai. I am predicting that this area will soon disappear and be replaced with high rises and apartment blocks. The sky is grey over Al Quoz.

reworked image 2 Mall of the emirates skidubai al barsha72
Mall of the Emirates , Al Barsha. Camera settings Shutter priority, F63, 5 seconds, ISO100, fl 55mm

One of the biggest and busiest malls in the world, this image is just a tiny fragment of the actual size. I wanted to catch the ski slope in the image so that they is a question, what is that ?

reworked image 3 powerplant jebel ali72
Power plant , Jebel Ali. Camera settings Shutter priority, F10, 1 second, ISO 100, fl 55

Dubai Is all lit up at night and to find out where the actual power stations and desalination plants are situated was interesting. The red in this image is due to the landscaping of the sliproads, they are covered in flowers. which I thought was ironic.

reworked image JBR marina high rises72
Dubai Marina. Camera settings Shutter priority, F22, 5 second, ISO 100, fl 18

These are the skyscrapers in Dubai Marina, they are bright yellow and for me I like the superimposing of the near buildings on the far buildings against the blue of the cloudless sky.





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