Exercise 3.3

So I ended up breaking my old pentax whilst attempting to do the first part of this exercise. So I wasn’t impressed. I’ll come back to this first part when It’s fixed.

Old Pentax
Old Pentax

 The second part asked for us to find a good view point. I chose my roof. I took a panorama image using my iPhone

viewpoint image exercise 3.3
Viewpoint image ex 3.3

 What I noticed

Foreground – I noticed birds darting about, the wind blowing the leaves, the green colours and the colour differences between each leaf, shadows, texture on the branches , any patterns that were forming linked to colour, texture, numbers, composition and lastly sounds- I listened to the sounds.

Middle ground  -Again ,there is a lot of birds in my garden which I enjoyed watching their behavior.  The texture of the different plants and colours of the flowers, I tried to see patterns and compositions to show textures with the afternoon light, paint peeling off the garden walls and directions of shadows. I noticed the dark areas in my garden and the bald patches on my lawn. I need to repair my shading over the garage port and cut my bougainvillea back and repaint my garden walls.

Horizon  I looked at the neighbor’s houses, their architecture and shapes. I noticed that we cant see the road or even hear the cars really. There were planes going past to the right of me but not much noise.  I noticed the shapes of the trees and colours. The horizon was broken by the lamppost which I remember thinking that’s a shame.

What was the point of this exercise?

If the aim of this exercise was to improve our observational skills I would rather it said, go to a busy café buy yourself a coffee and sit for an hour and people watch.  Get used to doing that with out the camera. Make notes of what would of make a good picture, then try it with your camera.

I now have more work to do

repaint my garden wall, fix the shading as well as my old camera.




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