Tutor feedback on Assignment 3

I was quite surprised how quickly my tutor sent me his feedback as I know he is quite busy. I usually wait about a month before I actually check the email account so I was quite apprehensive when I opened my tutor report.

I can not reveal the full report as per my tutors wishes but he said I am allowed to put relevant comments in my learning log.

Overall Comments

‘Another strong Assignment delivery, subverting the brief and yet producing a well researched and strong set of images that answers the brief in a creative yet poetic manner’

I wasn’t expecting such a positive feedback, because my idea for this assignment was an unconventional one.

Feedback on assignment

My tutor showed concern that I referenced ‘Stephanie D’Hubert’ in my assignment as he classed her as not ‘A valid photographer’ as she is still an undergraduate but he remarked that her work was interesting. I don’t know if my tutor realised that an image she produced is in the coursework but I presumed it was to be researched and I didn’t realise that she was an undergraduate.

Further comments from my tutor said that my assignment could be split into two assignments and he suggested doing just that for a future project.

He regarded my Day images as ‘very strong’ and that it was unusual to use this technique for the  given brief.  He states that, The reader without the context and notation, may view the images with a completely different interpretation,  But that the series works well and could be developed more.

For my Night images I don’t think my tutor thought they were representative of the brief, He said  ‘even though the images were  original in the context of location and by the nature of the subject more dramatic he said they were ‘more sci-fi than wordly’.

I agree with my tutor about my Night images. It was a risk I took splitting the assignment into day and night and these comments were expected in some regard as I feel I couldn’t explain my thought processes enough for justification of my night images compared to the Day images which I understood more and felt more in tune with. That probably came across.

Learninglogs/ReflectyiveCommentaries/Critical Essays

My tutor stated’ one of your many strengths is your research and blog’  I am surprised at this because when I see other students blogs they seem so much more organised and research orientated. I know I’ve been moaning a lot about how I can’t research properly because here doesn’t have the support and resources for students who aren’t made of money but I am constantly trying

My tutor suggests that I visit as many exhibitions as possible when I travel in the summer and this is what I plan to do.  He notified me that some of my images have disappeared off wordpress I need to check this out.

Suggested reading

My tutor recommended  research on Gregory Crewdson, I didn’t recognise the name but I recognised some of the images he has produced.

Pointers for the next assignment

Advised to look at Richard Misrach as reworking material can be repetitive.


Reflection on my Tutor report

After reading my report I have decided to replace the night images with another 4 day images which are from my contact sheets before starting Assignment 4.


Morning light by the lake
Morning light by the lake







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