Notes on Assignment 3

Notes on Assignment 3

I decided to change my idea for the third assignment after re-reading the ‘Assessment criteria: Quality . The paragraph ‘What is a good idea?’

Part three of the coursework for me is based around shutter speed. It asks for us to produce images which exhibit creativity and art when using shutter speeds from fast to slow.

I enjoyed the research I have done with respect to slow shutter speeds. The thought process involved and the planning that goes into a slow shutter speed image, the abstract quality achieved by the longer exposure.  I was particularly taken with Stephanie D’Hubert, ‘Echoes and Point ‘ series of images on her website.!echoes/c1fx5!the-point/c1978

I wanted to push my creativity and try and shoot with a slow shutter speed to show the ‘Decisive moment’.

In the brief for the assignment it states that ‘the aim isn’t to tell a story but in order to work the series of images must have a linking theme’. My linking theme is ‘Views from Sheik Zayed road ‘

Travelling along Sheik Zayed road is a highlight of living in Dubai, passing the iconic buildings like the Burj Khalifa, Emirates towers and Burj Al Arab. I have often thought about how to photograph them differently. What I decided to do was go on the metro train which travels along side the Sheik Zayed road during the day and take images of the buildings then I drove down the  Sheik Zayed road at night and captured the city light trails of the buildings along the Shiek Zayed Road.  The decisions I made where more intuitive in the sense that I had to think about the end image and what I wanted to achieve, which buildings would look good and what settings to use.

My images don’t have people in them they show buildings in movement and time in a view from a train.

I took around 80 images and selected my favourites from the contact sheet. My tutor suggested in his feed back that I start printing off all my assignment images ready for assessment, so I sent my images away to get printed at GPP whilst I carried on with the research and visiting exhibitions.









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