Assignment 3. Life at the Fish Market

Collection of more images for assignment 3

Going to the Fish Market involves getting there early in the morning and getting used to the smell.  You don’t wear your best clothes to this place and you wear your clothes respectfully. There is a spectacular range of fish, crabs and other delicacies from the sea.

The guys working the fish stalls are probably used to people photographing them as most of the camera clubs and photography courses do visits there. I managed to get there around 8am which is pretty late on, a few of the stalls were all sold up and empty so there was a lot of the fish market workers just wandering around killing time until their lift arrives.  The images are in order of the way I walked around the Fish Market, starting with the ‘Filleting room’ and ending with ‘Looking back’, I haven’t processed any of these images as I am not using these for my assignment.


My initial idea was that I would do a couple of reccy’s for Assignment 3 within the areas of Dubai which have a lot of people busy doing their jobs. I would collect street photography images and select the best I had.This was the last outing I went on with the purpose of catching candid shots.

The more images I collected the more I started thinking of trying something different other than Street photography for my Assignment, I effectively got bored of it.   Thinking about the brief, the idea of ‘The decisive moment’ and time as a property of movement I decided to change my concept and look at this assignment more creatively.


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