Assignment 3. Life in Deira

Another part of Dubai that is teaming with street photography opportunities is Deira. This is another old part of Dubai situated on the creek which is a melting pot of cultures. There are spice, gold and textile souks situated there, where you can photograph tourists haggling and traders trying to push their wares.

This was my second outing for capturing candid ‘Decisive moments’. I had been researching Jeff Wall, Martin Parr, Elliot Erwin, Robert Frank, Boris Groys and Roberts Capa to expand my knowledge of examples of street photography. I am constantly trying to improve my observational skills and intuition with regards to human behavior. These images are not processed

Here are some images I took around Deira

Reference links

without the internet I would be screwed !


2 thoughts on “Assignment 3. Life in Deira

  1. I love seeing your work as its such a great contrast to the uk however the behavior of people is so similar. Have decided on the criteria for selecting the images for A3 and order in which you will present the images?


    1. Hi Karen, I’m just typing up everything, I actually printed off my assignment this time as my tutor wants me to start collecting hard copies of my images. I haven’t chose any of these images. For assignment 3 I am following a risky idea I had from a while ago whether it pays off remains to be seen. All good fun !


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