Assignment 3. Life in Satwa, Dubai

Reading the brief for Assignment 3 it states ‘ To submit 6-8 images on the theme of ‘Decisive moment’. Street photography is the traditional subject of the decisive moment. ‘

I purchased ‘Street photography now’ by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, Thames and Hudson and ‘Extraordinary Everyday photographs by Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring, Amphoto Books. I had read them both in preparation for my first outing to catch some decisive moments . I had researched the photographers suggested in the course text in Project 1. My  Camera was set on Shutter priority as stated in the course work

I started out early because it is starting to get hot here now. Satwa is an old ethnic busy area of Dubai, there are lots of textile shops and tailors , bakeries, and generally little old shops full of character’s. I go there quite a lot as they have good plant shops to fulfill my gardening addiction. It is an easy place to see life happening all around you.

Since the tutor feedback from assignment 2, I am consciously trying to frame better to lessen the destructive cropping habit I seemed to have developed over the years. Since this isn’t an exercise and its just prep for Assignment 3 I haven’t included my camera settings, these images are unprocessed, I have included my thought process and notes for some shots though as it was a very interesting morning walking around the back streets.

There was one image that I didn’t get which I want to go back for. I was walking past the bus stop and the light which came from an alleyway at that time of morning was lighting up the person walking by, producing a spectacular shadow I did wait but no one walked past or up the alleyway and my parking was running out so I had to go. An image came to mind. Trent Parke’s Minutes to Midnight collection, the old guy in the bus station were he is brightly lit up like an angel. see link below

Aside from the photography, I did get followed by a couple of men, which as happened before when I have gone ‘off piste’ down backstreets.  They eventually got bored of watching me and disappeared. Generally the area is safe for Westerners and I felt quite safe but I know I can look after myself if I have to.

Here are some of my images taken in Satwa





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