The Frozen moment

The course work states,

‘There is pleasure and beauty in this fragmenting of time that had little to do with what was happening. It had to do, rather, with seeing the momentary patterning of lines and shapes that had been previously been concealed by the flux of movement’

( Szarkowski, 2007, p5)

Then it asks the question ‘Does the camera capture movement in these images, or does it fragment it, as Szarkowski believed, isolating thin slices of time to reveal something new?’

My opinion is that each individual timed image fragments movement to show the beauty in movement and the cumulative effect of all theses fragmented images show time as a property.

Exercise 3.1 asks for an image that shows the beauty in fragmentation of time. Take an image on a fast shutter speed to reveal its beauty. After researching Harold Edgerton I decided to try and photograph a balloon bursting.( see Reference links)

I have also been taking notes on Martin Klimas, so I had the bright idea to fill the balloons with paint, the colours would contrast against the white wall background. I filled 10 water balloons with paint thinking they would be more than enough. I had a volunteer set up to prick the balloon with a needle. My camera and flash were on the tripod and test shots were done, everything was ready to go. The first three balloons I missed spectacularly due to the volunteer being too eager. Then we got in time with each other and missed another three balloons due to his hand being in the way. I got frustrated and sacked that volunteer and changed to another one for the last four balloons. She also was too eager to burst the balloons ( kids cant resist waterbombs !). I may have to revisit this exercise again just to prove to myself that I can get that image. Here are two of the failed images. Thinking on, now It would of been better photographing the paint hitting the floor than the balloon bursting.


Fragmenting time needs images which involve movement, occurrences and happenings. Trying to find the art in a moving object I went walking round my neighborhood. There are fountains outside many of the hotels and office buildings here in Dubai. I wanted to show the art in the act of fast flowing water. The conditions weren’t great, The fountains were situated under a flyover and it was a rare cloudy day in Dubai so no strong sunlight available and I didn’t have a flash in my camera bag so I used exposure compensation I wanted to keep the ISO as low as I could.


I went through my archives to see if I had any other examples of shutter speeds. Taking my camera to the beach provides a lot of action shots, the waves provide an infinite amount of movement and on a fast enough shutter speed they too can be fragmented. This image was taken in Arjman which is one of the seven Emirates in the U.A.E. It has beautiful beaches and is not as busy as Dubai.


Surfer Dude. Camera settings-Shutter priority, F10, 1/400sec, fl 250mm, ISO 100

This image I took a while ago in China. When the lady taking the photo used her flash and would try and take a picture at the same time, I realized the effect of the flash and I tried it with other tourists who were using a flash in the Aquarium. Its a difficult to get the timing right but its fun thing to do.

Chinese using a flash at the aquarium
Car on SZR
Car on SZR having its picture taken


Just a couple of Reference links



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