First learning log book complete.

I have to say I am not good at expressing my thoughts and opinions, so completing my first ever learning log was a journey.  The first pages were ranting and over explaining, scientifically documenting camera settings and exact locations. Research notes were brief and my noted opinions briefer.

I was not using this provided book for its true intention I thought. Purchasing ‘Photographers’ Sketchbooks’ and reading it cover to cover gave me much needed inspiration to show what was going on in my head, which helped to slow down my thoughts and my ideas. I found my old polaroid camera and started using it to try and introduce a different medium. After researching Ansel Adams I am trying to become more organized with visualization and sketching my ideas. Towards the end of the book I can see that the pages become less writing and more visual. There are more thoughts and ideas highlighted and less ‘ranting’s of a mad woman’.

My ideas which sometimes come too fast at times are highlighted  in ‘cloud shapes’ which I use to represent a thought , then I attach the relevant sketches. I’m using coloured pens to reference certain subjects, this makes it easier for me to find relevant things as my writing can be appalling sometimes when I’m in a rush.

During my research on Gianluca Cosci I discovered a post on his Contextual Studies blog with regards to ‘Critical essay writing’ and ‘Harvard referencing’. I found this very useful and informative and refer to it when ‘I’m losing my way forward’.

I’ve only scanned in a couple of pages just as verification that I am doing the work and writing it up. This book will be posted with my prints from my assignments to my tutor. Where he can attempt to read my writing.


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