Kim Kirkpatrick

Another photographer suggested for research was Kim Kirkpatrick- Early Work series

The images have carefully controlled focus minimal depth of field, with the majority of each image soft and out of focus. These are highly subjective images and through the use of colour, tight focus and composition the viewer is directed to what is important.

He describes his Early work series ‘ The subject is colour and our daily environment . The results of constant searching for unnoticed elements of beauty and hidden, subtle significance in our surrounding’.

I looked through Kim Kirkpatrick’s images and admired the technical control, I have always been impressed with photographers that can show a different perspective of everyday objects but it wasn’t until I read an interview he had given that I understood what he was trying to show with the images.

” I take pictures where nature and man meet, where one is taking over the other. Its a world most people regularly pass and choose to ignore.”

‘my work is Radical ,It’s very difficult work for the average person to embrace”  Kim Kirkpatrick.

Prior to reading the article in the Maryland Gazette(2001) I looked at the images and thought good technical control, I didn’t notice the colours, contrasts or light. I looked first at the focus and out of focus areas of the frame. Then I started to look at the details. Details which were focused and blurred. Then I thought about what the image was trying to show me.

An ‘abandoned area of little importance’ but what I couldn’t figure out is why? Then when I read the interview I got what Kim Kirkpatrick was trying to say. Why he was trying to show people and even though he stated that his images are not political they are because it shows change. Change is political regardless of whether we want it to be or not.



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