Gianluca Cosci

Gianluca Cosci series ‘Panem et Circense’ referenced in the course work is an example of a series of images that use shallow depth of field to represent an aesthetic statement.

‘In my practice I strive to obtain an emotive response from the viewer to highlight the increasingly oppressive presence of corporate power over not just our every day life , but also its influence in the creative process itself, where art can be perceived by corporations as just another sophisticated and subtle instrument of propaganda that can be used and manipulated at will, according to their own agenda.’    Gianluca Cosci

Weeds growing in the pavement showing urban decay

Censored landscape , boarding is blocking the view

Blur up to the yellow line so the focus is sharp on the barriers. There is a Policeman( this as well as the barriers could be considered a symbol of a corporation)  as a dot in his Fluorescent jacket

The 3 images I picked, in my opinion exhibit most effectively what message Gianluca Cosci is trying to convey from the series ‘Panem et Circense’. In fact until I read the statement I could of jumped to several conclusions which would of been far from what Gianluca was stipulating. Better images could be used to describe the ‘oppressive power of corporations’ instead of the images Gianluca Cosci has taken but I appreciate his lens technique it is very precise and technical.

Standardization as a tool of control and constraint of people into reassuring and harmless psychological and architectural boxes in which any hint of improbable rebellion would be easily sedated. My work tries to suggest these ideas showing sanitized office block, censored landscapes and lifeless environments. With my photographs I would like to insinuate a subtle sense of violence in our deeply hierarchical society. I am interested in the point of view of the loser, the marginalized. Often we are forced to have only restricted views, uncomfortable to maintain. In spite of this, I believe that one can take advantage of this apparent fault and use it to observe and understand things in a different unexpected way.    Gianluca Cosci

Gianluca makes bold statements about the effect ‘standardization as a tool of control and constraint of people’, but there are no people in the majority of his images to show this standardization. In my opinion the viewer has to be told what the purpose of the use of shallow depth of field is for. Only after reading the statement on his website did I get why he is using a low viewpoint, it was to interpret the viewpoint of a ‘loser’ being low down in the ‘social hierarchy’. In the course work Gianluca Cosci ‘Panem et Circense’ is described as an inversion of Fay Godwin approach but in my opinion his images are less effective, the viewer is left to wonder what is the message.



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