Feedback on Assignment 2 Crowds

I received my tutor report for my second assignment, Crowds. My tutor requested that I do not publish the report on my learning blog as his critique is genuine and quite specific which would be lost if it was in an open forum. He has however allowed me to comment on my tutor report.

The Overall Comment

A very strong second assignment well delivered that satisfies the brief and produces some very good examples of appropriate photographic technique.

Feedback on my images

All except one of your edited images are strong, and some are exceptional.

My weakest image was ‘ Aquarium zoom’ and my exceptional image was ‘reflective walkway’. I took a chance trying out the zoom bursting image but my tutor thought that this technique is chiefly used to display isolation in crowds. Focusing on a single static person and zooming. My tutor gave me notes on how to process radial blur for further experimentation with this technique which I am grateful for. Even though in the report replacement wasn’t mentioned I need to decide if I am going to replace this image with another before formal assessment luckily I have not yet printed off this assignment.

My tutor also commented about my images ‘Screen Spectators’ and ‘Feet Spectators’ which he thought were successful and that next time I should develop and explore the potential of these images for personal projects.

My Tutor suggested that when I see a striking image like ‘reflective walkway, I should keep shooting to ensure I have a selection of images from that scene. Which is a sound piece of advice that I must remember for the next assignment.

Reflective commentaries/ Learning logs

My tutor advised me to buy a ‘gorilla pod’ tripod since I had problems in the mall when I tried to use my tripod, a gorilla pod will be less noticeable and lighter to use. He also said that even though I am producing strong material I should not underestimate the influence of researching other photographers will have on my work.

Suggested Reading/Viewing

He suggested that I look up Adobe support videos for processing and treatment of digital images. I must confess the only processing I have a bit of knowledge about is curves. I will endeavor to watch these videos as I feel I am lacking in the processing department.

Pointers for the next assignment

My tutor suggested researching the following photographers for assignment 3. Martin Parr, Henri Cartier- Bresson, Elliot Erwin and all Magnum photographers.

How do I feel about the feedback

If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting such positive feedback as I am my own worst critic.  I feel that I am missing out on  OCA study groups, OCA study visits  and exhibitions because I am abroad and therefore the only person I have to sound off ideas to is myself. In saying that I can see that my photographic style is changing the more I learn, and I am learning a lot. By thinking more about the process of photography instead of the outcome all the time I am slowing down and asking the ‘why’.  What my tutor has said to me has struck a chord and I have definitely taken on board all of his comments.



2 thoughts on “Feedback on Assignment 2 Crowds

  1. Good to see your positive comments, I liked seeing the assignment from a non uk view point. I think there are some other oca photography students in your area?
    I am now on assignment 3 which I am finding more challenging – cold and rain aren’t helping.


    1. Hi Karen, There are 2 other photography students in Dubai, I have managed to contact one of them. I am hoping that when I come back to the UK in the summer I will be in London and hopefully visit as many galleries as I can. We had rain here the other day it can be quite an event. You will have to email me your password to your blog as I would love to see your images for assignment 2. I have also started assignment 3 just need to write it up on here !


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