Fay Godwin

Fay Godwin was best known for her black and white landscapes of the British countryside and costal region. She started off her photography career taking portraits of authors due to her husband being in the publishing industry which gave her a way in.

She had a young family like myself and found that taking up photography as a profession worked well when trying to organise her family life.

Through her photographs she offered an education in the politics of land use , she used her love of walking and photography together for a way to change the way people looked at the heritage which was being with held from them by government and corporations. Due to her love of walking ,Godwin lead the Ramblers Association between 1987-1990. The Ramblers Association described her presidency as a time when its ‘long running right to roam campaign was turned up to full strength pressure which ultimately resulted in the access provisions in the countryside and rights of way Act 2000 and the land reform ( Scotland) act 2003. Her images show an oddly desolate account of Britain as if reporting on a long abandoned country.

I think her images illustrate the point that they are trying to portray. If we are not careful we will lose our heritage and right of way. You have  beautiful countryside which is steeped in history and nature then a manmade fence through it which highlights the evidence of man even though a person doesn’t appear in the images.







A Critics Assessment by Philips Stokes.

Images from http://www.onlandscape.co.uk




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