EPyC -Heart of Dubai Photowalk.

Last weekend the photo club I am a member of organised a photowalk in conjunction with Fujifilm Middle East. Members could sign up to test drive the New Fujifilm cameras X100T . The best images are picked and entered into a competition.

Here is the link to the X100T,I’ve read reviews on this camera and I am interested in trying this camera out for street photography as it seems less intrusive and lighter to carry.


Unfortunately by the time I got to the meeting point all the cameras had been assigned. So I missed out on entering the competition but I still did the photowalk  with my trusty Canon.

I’ve realised I need to keep doing these photo walks, so I can develop and experiment with my own style at leisure and as I have hardly any OCA student interaction its the only photographic group I can meet face to face with.

My tutor gave me a piece of advice about amateur photography clubs and it was as if a light bulb came on in my head ! Its not a bad thing that I don’t follow the crowd and stick with the group. That I have always gone off in the opposite direction to everyone else at all of these photo walks isn’t that I’m anti-social, I just don’t want to take the same pictures as everyone else. So I am going to stick to what I do and see how I go.

Not open …

The souks in Deira are closed between 1pm and 4pm which means its pretty quiet. After I took this picture the guys at the bottom of the alley way came running asking me if I wanted a ‘genuine fake’ louie vitton handbag. I converted this to black and white because it was dark in the souk and the image wasn’t particularly colourful and there is light at the end of the alley way that I wanted to accentuate.


Guy on a Balcony

While I was hanging about waiting to start the walk, I noticed the flags.  I moved closer to the building and then a guy came out onto the balcony . He seen me taking pictures and he didn’t move away he just covered his face. I think with him being in the image it adds to it.


All that glitters…

In this image I tried to triangulate the people in the image. From the guy stood on his phone towards the guy on his bike then onto the distanced Emirati shop owner surrounded by all his gold.

Walking round the old part of Dubai is always an experience.



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