Exercise 2.7

Small Apertures

For this exercise we were asked to take a few images exhibiting deep depth of field with small apertures ( large F-stops) this would give slow shutter speeds therefore a tripod would be necessary. These sequence of photos are unedited, all with small apertures and short focal lengths.

I went for a walk this morning around 7:30 am over Garhoud bridge.  I have recently taken up running and feel blessed every time I cross the bridge as the view on the bridge in a morning is amazing. You get a really good view over the creek one side and an uninterrupted sunrise the other side. Soon there will be hotels built either side and the views will be gone. The price of progress I guess

Palm trees. Camera settings- Av Priority, F14, fl 27mm, ISO 500, 1/50sec

Railings. Camera settings- Av priority, F20, fl18mm, ISO160, 1/ 40sec

Bench. Camera settings- F22, fl 27mm, ISO 3200, 1/25sec

Derelict fairground ride. Camera settings F20, fl 20mm, 1/60 ISO 100


In the above image I chose to included the railings in the foreground as I thought they balance and frame the fairground ride. When I view this image its makes me feel like I am stood looking in.

Rollercoaster on sand. Camera settings- F25, fl 25mm, 1/50 sec, ISO 100

Not so Wonderland. Camera settings- F22, fl 18mm, 1/60sec, ISO100


Achieving a deep depth of field I used my kit lens 18-55mm and tripod. I really like the last three images and I think these demonstrate the criteria for this exercise.

Contact sheet ex 2.7 for written log




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