Exercise 2.6

Wide Apertures

Exercise 2.6 requirements were to take a few images with wide aperture and long focal lengths which exhibits a shallow depth of field in the images.These are produced with small F numbers (4- 5.6) and are unedited.

The images had to be composed so that the out of focus parts come together with the main subject.



Bird under the bridge. Camera settings F4, fl 55mm, 1/80sec, ISO 250

I was walking under Garhoud bridge and noticed the Heron watching the fishermen on the bank. My aperture was set as low as it could go and I framed the heron in the Right bottom corner because I wanted to show the expanse of the bridge looming on top of the heron.

McDonald’s gets everywhere. Camera settings- F4 fl 55mm, 1/80sec, ISO 250

Under the bridge are benches for people to sit on whilst they stroll the boardwalk on the creek. It amused me to see a McDonald’s French fries carton somewhere this remote from a store.

Posts in sand. Camera settings- F4.5,fl 55mm, 1/125sec, ISO100

This was my first shot with my 55-250mm lens. Focusing point was the post and as you can see there is a gradual transition from sharp to unsharp but you can still make out the fishermen.


Back bone of a dhow. Camera settings- F5, fl 70mm, 1/125sec, ISO 1000

The front of the dhow is in focus and as the boat recedes so does the focus


Lines. Camera settings- F5.6, fl 235mm, 1/400sec, ISO 800

The platform in the foreground is in focus and the distance is softly blurred


Heron. Camera settings- F5.6, fl 250mm, 1/320, ISO 1600

Focus is on the heron and compression occurs to make the bird pop out of the background



Green net . Camera settings- F5.6 fl 229mm, 1/400sec, ISO 1000

I focused on the green netting to give a shallow depth of field and a softly blurred background.

Things I have learnt

Depth of field refers to the range of distance that appears to be acceptably sharp in focus.

Depth of field varies depending on Camera type , aperture and focusing distance.

Depth of field changes are gradual, everything in front of or in the back of the focusing point begins to lose sharpness.

A wider aperture creates a shallow depth of field , especially when combined with a long focal length and a close viewpoint.  I should use my 55-250mm lens to get longer focal lengths to get the desired effect to show Depth of field.

A telephoto lens is used to magnify the subject when you cant get closer which can also give the appearance of a shallower depth of field.



contact sheet for 2.6 exercise







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