Research for Assignment 2 – Crowds

Crowded Show. Guang zhou

Starting Assignment two didn’t seem to be a problem as the ideas for shots came straight away, my intention was to show the claustrophobia of crowds as well as the dynamics of the crowds.

I thought about different camera techniques that I could use to exhibit the properties of crowds.

Long exposure

Zoom bursts

Different viewpoints


Crowds of Inanimate objects

As a rule I always try and read things twice, to make sure I fully understand what is written.

It was then that I realised that the assignment brief, was asking for a series of images, in a theme ,similar to one of the exercises in Part one of the course work. Initially I thought ‘Excellent, I can go to different locations round Dubai were I know the crowds will be brilliant!

This would not of worked as a series in my opinion, apart from the crowd being the main subject, the images would of had so many different elements going on within the frame that to make a series of crowds in different locations with different purposes ,the series of images would of been disjointed. Since I am new to ‘expressing my vision’ I thought I should keep it simple with just one location.

Then I thought about what I could do differently, I am always saying to my kids ‘lets do it differently’ what ever it is that we are doing. So artistically speaking I am constantly looking for a different perspective. On my visits to the mall, I looked for reflections, shallow depth of field possibilities, large depth of field possibilities, side views, looking down on a crowd, looking up on a crowd, side views, shadows with in a crowd, a dramatic moment. I wanted to cover as many possibilities that my time allowed.

Researching images of ‘Crowds’ and ‘crowded world’  on the internet ( google, Flickr and 500px) was quite surprising because there was not as many interesting articles as I expected.  The following links are the ones that I really found useful. The artists listed are the photographer which I took notes from.

Frank Machalowski , Berlin photographer- Monsters series , long exposures of crowds. His images are amazing and technically inspiring.

Lisa Larsen, German photographer- LIFE photographer of crowds. Her images show the masses

Alex Prager- Face in the crowd series 2013. These images show staged compositions of crowds

Mischa Gordin- is a conceptual photographer. His images are in my opinion ‘dreamlike’ states of  uniform crowds

I also read some scientific articles about the dynamics of the crowds and swarms. These were very informative and thought provoking.

The above link was my favourite set of images.

Even though this assignment tested my patience with respect to being around so many people at once I learnt a lot about how I react in the chaos of a crowd and what is logistically possible in a mass of people and that preparation beforehand makes

Before researching this assignment. I found some crowded situations in my archive images. I kept these scenarios in mind as I set off to the mall.


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