Exercise 2.4 Depth of Field

This is a portrait shot of a Gardener. I used my 55- 250 mm lens to get a comfortable range of focal lengths. I positioned myself  about 1- 1.5 metres away from the subject and composed a head shot comfortably with in the frame. Focusing on the eyes so that the subject would be set apart from the background.

The aim of the exercise was to show that use of a longer focal length gives a better portrait image than a wide angle lens. This is because the longer focal lengths appear to compress space , giving a shallower depth of acceptable sharpness, which is know as depth of field. This makes a short and medium telephoto lens perfect for portraiture.  The slight compression of the features appears attractive while the shallower depth of field adds intensity to the eyes and lifts the subject from the background.

Azeem the gardener.

Azeem, The Gardener. Camera Settings F5, fl 100mm, 1/125sec, ISO 250.

This is Azeem, he is a gardener doing the ID pose.  We live in an old part of Dubai, in a very old villa which has a large garden and it needs watering regularly and when were away on holiday. so Azeem comes in a hour a day. All he does in my garden is sweeps up the leaves( which drive me crazy) and turns on the sprinkler system( which I could do but it keeps him in a job ). Azeem thinks I’m nuts because I do all my own gardening and I get my hands dirty. He is Pakistani and lives in Sharjah. He comes in my garden for an hour a day, he doesn’t speak much English but I enjoy trying to talk to him about plants. He is very knowledgeable but its been a rocky road with the communication, I came home once and Azeem had sprayed my organic veg patch with some ‘garden medicine’ he called it, thinking I wanted rid of all the bugs and butterflies. I was gutted that all my plants were near death! So I had to start again. He works so that he can bring his brothers over to Dubai. So far, since I have known him he has managed to bring two of his brothers over from Pakistan. One works in an office and the other helps him with his gardening round. He is a kind, gentle man who I like and trust.

Reading –  all relevant pages for “Depth of Field’ in the following books

Michael Freemans ‘Photo school Fundamentals’

Michael Freeman  ‘The Photographers Eye’




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