Assignment 2 – Collecting

Preparation for assignment two

After reading the brief for this assignment I had several ideas on each of the subjects which could be chosen. The subjects were




For ‘Views’ I contacted a friend who works for a very well known company here in Dubai, they employ window cleaning company to clean all the outsides of their skyscrapers. So I organized a morning taking pictures up some tall buildings and in my opinion ,some of the most beautiful vantage points in Dubai. High above the roads and streets it was amazing. The only thing that made me change my mind was the logistics of the whole thing. Everything had to be arranged security wise. The guys I was with were worried I was going to fall off or even jump off ! Also there would be no revisits so if I missed something that was it, no roof access until next time they cleaned the windows in a couple of months. Some of the images are on my Facebook page, see link.

I thought about views from the bridges in Dubai but this would be mostly images of construction sites as the land around the bridges is being developed. Dubai has that many amazing views it can be abit overwhelming with choice.

My idea I had for ‘Heads’ was taking images of ‘men with beards’ without the ID pose. Living here in the Middle East the beards men grow are amazing I’ve been told its for religious purposes but I don’t know if that’s true. I am still going to do this but as a personal project. 30 men with beards ! Each one different.  I recently worked on a film set and all the young British dudes had these lumberjack beards, which made me laugh because I’ve seen 60 year olds wandering around Diera souk with the exact same beards. Anyway here is a link to some bearded men.

I finally chose ‘Crowds’ . The ideal places for research were the shopping malls, I could visit as many times as I wanted. Normally I avoid the malls like the plague. You don’t go to a mall unless you really need to and then its first thing in the morning as soon as it opens and you go in and out like an army mission which is coordinated ,time efficient and least painful.

I always remember been told by David Nightingale ( a photographer at a GPP event) that if your going to do a photo assignment you need to visit the place at least twice if possible. I visited Dubai mall three weekends in a row and on National day. So I know that I have seen as much as I could of in those four visits also prior to each visit I researched each shot that I was aiming for. I will post my research links later.

Over those four visits to Dubai Mall I took in total 948 images. So far I have managed to whittle down my image choice to 30 photos and that is the stage I am up to now.

 Stay tuned…..


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