When a passion turns into a job.

PolkaDot Party Hire

My friend started up her own party hire business here in Dubai. I volunteered my photography services to help her out free of charge. She needed product photos for her website and some outdoor photos of the party themes she has put together.  For about 3 months now I’ve been turning up at her house  once a week to take photos and she feeds me lunch. It has been a learning curve on how to deal with people and what they want and what is achievable. It has taken over a lot of my free time!  I really enjoyed doing the outdoor photos. Seeing the results and coming up with alternatives to get the best possible images was rewarding.


The product photography I found gruelling and monotonous. That was hard work, trying to replicate the same conditions and light when we didn’t really have the right equipment. I had a reflector and one off camera flash. My friend is a real perfectionist verging on OCD so this was a long and arduous task.

We set up a mini studio in my friends living room as the natural light was amazing. We used colourama as the back drop, putting a piece of Velcro on the wall so that we could easily re attach the roll if we needed to cut off a creased bit.

My friend launched her business and used all my images for her flyers, posters and website. The marketing company that my friend used for the flyers thought the images were done by a professional and that they were brilliant and exactly what was needed.

I am going to continue helping my friend as I admire the fact that she is brave enough to go it alone and be her own boss.



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