Exhibition – Roots

The Courtyard is a collection of galleries and small boutique shops in AlQuoz which is the main Art District In Dubai. Occasionally they have photographic exhibitions on there.  Last week I went to see the exhibition ‘Roots’.

Roots was a two person show of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works in Total Arts at the Courtyard. Al Quoz

Shaqayeq Arabi whose three dimensional installations are about being uprooted from mother earth.

Fereydoun Ave’s works are two-dimensional mix media on paper and canvas about the concentration of energy in the winter roots.

These are two Iranian artists who have been uprooted from their homeland and have had to lay down roots elsewhere in the world.

See the links below for the images.



I fully understand the concept of the exhibition as I don’t have ‘roots’ here in Dubai. Its a flaw in society because of ‘Globalisation’ that people are less inclined to invest time and effort in getting to know a place and its people if they know their are not going to be spending a lot of time there.

The two dimensional drawings and water colours of root vegetables by  Fereydoun were very skilled and precise.  I have put extra details in my written learning log.



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