Exercise 1.4 Frame

For this exercise we were instructed to take 6-8 images that worked individually and as a set to represent Composition as part of Form.

As stated in the coursework

Formalism: prioritisation of concern with form rather than content. Focus on composition and the material nature of any specific medium.

I chose to go to Creek Park as it was on my way home and a good spot for first thing in the morning. My first image is the view as soon as you walk through the main gate. My plan was to use the gridlines on the view finder and take a shot from each section of it.  I have described my method in my sketchbook and written learning log in greater detail.

My Initial image on entering Creek Park. Camera settings- F8, 1/200, fl 18mm, ISO 100


This was early morning, so there were not that many people about only the park gardeners. As you can see from this initial image the park is very colourful, there are lots of brightly coloured flowers and children’s character’s dotted around the park. Seeing this first image I decided I would do the series in monotone. The light was good and the shadows are long which would add to the composition.


All the images are in black and white and landscape format as my tutor recommended that I stuck to one format for continuity .

In this exercise I only allowed myself to take 30 photos. I am consciously trying to frame more and slow down my photography instead of just excitedly clicking away. I also took the following photos which I haven’t included in the exercise but I like the perspective.

Dolphin statue
Path to Children’s city

Updated contact sheet













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