Exercise 1.3(1) Line

For this exercise we are asked to take some shots using lines to create a sense of depth.

The course work states that using a wide angled lens reveals more length of the line in the frame thus strengthening it I only have my 18-55mm lens to use which will have to suffice.

The effect of depth is accentuated by taking a viewpoint close to the line which you are using. I kept this in mind when taking shots of the railway line.

The feeling of depth is created in several ways

  • The line leads the eye into the distance
  • Parallel line converge as an effect of perspective
  • the size of objects reduces into the distance

Depth gives an image a strong sense of illusionism.

With all those bullet points in mind I set off to Dubai Mall with my camera set on program.

The Metro line
The Metro line. Camera settings- F10,fl 42mm, 1/250sec, ISO 100

For this first image I positioned myself as humanly possible to the railway line. I think this image has a sense of depth because of the length of the line. The line leads the eye along a distance to the buildings on the right hand side which are vertical lines . These buildings get smaller as the distance along the line increases. This shot could be better if I was taking it standing in the centre of the line or actually on the train itself in the gold class section which is the driver-less front of the train.


Disappearing lines
Disappearing lines. Camera settings- F5,fl 25mm, 1/50sec, ISO 100

I stood for a while people watching which is a hobby of mine. I was waiting for someone to walk down the middle I felt it would be predictable having no one in the middle. This shot has a lot of parallel lines in it. I first noticed the strong central line of the AC units and then the two parallel lines of the travelator. I am also positioned at a lower angle which I think reinforces these parallel lines going off into the distance.



glass blocks
Glass blocks. Camera settings- F10, fl 55mm, 1/250, ISO 100

I’m including this because I think this is a simple example of horizontal and vertical lines producing a feeling of depth due to the light seen from each block decreasing with distance as seen by the camera from that viewpoint.


Metro roof. Camera settings- F3.5, fl 18mm, 1/30sec, ISO 160

I love theses parallel curved lines in this image even though the lines are not disappearing you still feel a depth of a height from the curve as if there is a point outside the frame that these lines will eventually intersect. I would love to clone out the ‘unsymmetrical’ vent on the left hand side to balance the image  but I don’t have the time.


Reflected Lines. camera settings- F7.1, fl 18mm, 1/125sec, ISO 100


This image to me represents a different perspective of depth in the sense that the reflection of the lines gives the impression of depth. That there is no flat surface of the window but a continuance of the lines round in an oval shape. Its an illusion.

I have been on several EPyC meetings were we are shooting ‘Lines’ as a theme in different locations around the UAE. Here are some of my photos from those meetings last year.

Mountainous road
Mountainous road


Profile of Shiek Zayed Road
Profile of Shiek Zayed Road
Chaos of lines
Chaos of lines

Off on a tangent ,these last two imagines I took after being inspired by  Michael Wolf. Initially I went looking for  Michael Wolf Chair collection on his website as I collect photos of bastardised chairs myself here in the UAE, ( that is another post!)then I seen his ‘Life in the Cities’ which are urban images from China.

See his website for the images http://photomichaelwolf.com.








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