Exercise 1.3 (2) Line

Exercise 1.3 part 2 is about flattening the pictorial space. To obtain this a high viewpoint which is perpendicular to the subject will be needed to achieve an image of flat abstract quality.

I live in a bungalow so this meant I had to venture further a field, outside my garden to get a higher view point. So I went to Dubai Mall

Tables and chairs. Camera settings- F4.5, fl 27mm, 1/60sec, ISO 100

This shot was taken from the walkway going into Dubai mall. I cropped it to smarten it up, removing the AC units which didn’t add anything to the composition.  The round table and chairs caught my eye because from above they look like flowers. The circles being the centre of the flower and the chairs being the petals.

I think it is a good representation of a flattened image. However it could be improved, if there was someone sat at one of the tables in a contrasting colour like red this would be more eye catching.


clasped hands. Camera settings- F5.6, fl 55mm, 1/40sec, ISO 3200

This shot is a view from the balcony in the central atrium in Dubai mall. All the other shots I struggled to get the shot perpendicular but this one I hung my camera over the balcony so that this is truly perpendicular to the camera.  The lines are sweeping across through the image from left to right with three triangle intersecting them.



Having coffee. Camera settings- F5.6, fl 50mm, 1/60sec, ISO1600

Taking pictures from above gave me a freedom to shoot local people as there faces can not be seen. These two gentlemen caught my eye because of the contrasting colours and patterns. It not exactly perpendicular but I like it all the same.


Movement on the escalator. Camera settings- Manual, F22, 1sec, fl 18mm, ISO 400

I couldn’t resist taking a shot showing the frenzy movement of the metro passengers going down the escalator. I recently read an article on Frank Machalowski  in preparation for my second assignment which prompted me to take this image.



Burj Khalifa

I was lucky enough to go up the Burj Khalifa during the day and night.  I took these pictures a while ago. I think they demonstrate well the abstract quality of a flattened pictorial space from a very high view point.

View from the observation deck of Burj Khalifa

View from Observation Deck at night


These images are from the 124th floor observation deck. I prefer the night image because it is bright, futuristic and different. It reminds me of the Starwars !



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