Drama in the book shop

So yesterday I decided to visit Dubai mall, firstly to do a reccy for my second assignment and secondly to visit ‘World of books’  to pick up some more reading material for the course.

I got the metro in, as it was Islamic New year yesterday and from experience I knew the parking  would of been a nightmare. The metro was very busy but I managed to get a seat.

As the train filled up with people from all different nationalities and cultures, I got talking to a family from Kenya. They were on holiday for a couple of days and had just arrived in Dubai that day. Each of them marvelled at the Burj Khalifa and all the high rise buildings.

We spoke and they said how excited they were about visiting all the tourist attractions as it was their first time to Dubai. It was a privilege to see the facial expressions of the children in awe when seeing something spectacular for the first time.

I think for a personal project, I am going to ride the metro all day. From the airport to the end of the line and see if I can take pictures of the tourists and they ‘Ohhhs and ahhhs’ as they look out of the windows of the train.  The Dubai skyline along Shiek Zayed road is quite exceptional especially at night when it is all lit up.

Anyway,  I said my goodbyes and wished them a good holiday when I reached my stop. I walked through the mall taking pictures for my assignment, pretending I was a tourist. The mall was very busy, generally people who live in Dubai never go to the malls on weekends or declared holidays as they are just full of tourists. Big families on outings from Saudi and other GCC countries.

I made it to the bookshop and gave the lady on the information desk by book list . To my dismay two of the three books were BANNED.

I had a discussion with her about trying to order them in and she said I would get into trouble if I got them through the post. I guessed that they were banned because they had pictures of ‘Nudes’ in them but who knows, it could of been pigs. What a drama !

Anyway,I trundled off to find the one book I was allowed to buy. ‘The Photographers Eye’  by John Szarkowski.

To compensate for the banned books I also bought

Berenice Abbot, Photofile – Thames &Hudson

After researching Atget obviously I came across Abbots photographs. I liked her ‘Changing New York’ series of photos were she documented the interaction between the city’s dramatic architecture and its people which basically made her name.

The Photobook– Phaidon

I got this because it was cheap! Its a collection of 500 images by photographers in alphabetical order. I remember reading this book when I was younger and appreciating ‘The Zetland’ Middlesbrough by Graham Smith. A photographer from the North East of England.

American Photographs– Walker Evans

This is a book on a book. This book is referenced in the course work for ‘Expressing your Vision’ So I was quite please to find it and I’m looking forward to reading it. Some of the images are of the American countryside and its inhabitants, the buildings and the surrounding area.

Photography, A concise history – Ian Jeffrey

I bought this as it has the same author as the banned books so it must be good ! Also learning about the history of photography I think will make me appreciate the decision making process when producing an image.

100 ideas that changed photography– Mary Warner Marien

Again this is related to the history of photography and the layout of the book appealed to me.



I tried to get the British Journal of Photography which my tutor suggested I subscribe to but they didn’t stock it. So when I got home I sent BJP an email for the list of stockists and asking if I can subscribe without a PO box. lets see what happens.

I have my reading material ready to go through and hopefully I can write a detailed post on each of these book with relation to my images.












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