Exercise 1.2 Point -How the eye scans images

Below are three pairs of images which are examples of how my eye scans the surface of the image.

In the coursework it stated that we should note when:-

The point in the image attracts attention out of proportion to its size,

The eye looks for connection between points

Placing a point close to the edge seems to animate both the point and the frame.

I kept these points in mind when reviewing my images.



The arrows show how my eye scans the surface. The mountainous landscape has natural lines down to the road these help the eye scan through the image.  The  line of the road then leads to the jeep which is placed off-centre, from the jeep you see the contrasting colour of the rocks to the green bushes.




In this image the eye picks up the small green shrubs as these contrast with the orange of the sand. There are several lines which lead to the man wearing a coat he also is in contrast to the surroundings. Lastly I see the large out of place rock on the road.




In this image, my eye starts at the flag and moves to the bush which is breaking the horizon. Then it moves along to the photographer, who is wearing a bright colour. I look at the sky then back round to the red on the UAE flag.


This was a very useful exercise to do. I am sure it will aid me with my composition skills, if I practise where my eyes will look before I compose landscape images. Initially I think I will need more time to develop this skill before I can use it on fast paced street photography.





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