Exercise 1.2 Point 2

So the second part of this exercise was to take several images to illustrate the ‘Points’ relationship with the frame.

Again due to time constraint I used my garden as a back drop. I choose an ornate pot as the main point. I took 6 images on auto mode ,18mm Focal length. I moved pot around the image to see if this affected the relationship within the frame.

pot centre2


Pot -bottom left Landscape
Pot -bottom left Landscape
Pot-Bottom right Landscape
Pot-Bottom right Landscape


pot top right potrait
Pot- top right Potrait
Pot- bottom right potrait
Pot- bottom right potrait


Does the ‘Pot’ have a relationship with the frame? ,

Yes, It does in every shot.

It will always have a relationship with the frame because it exists within it. The question should be ‘What is the quality of the relationship, Is it balanced?  Even if  I had taken a picture with the pot only half included in the image it will still have a relationship with the frame if only a very poor one.

This is why composition is so important when taking photographs because a good composed image can show the viewer the quality of the relationship between everything within the frame.




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