EPyC meeting- Catalin Marin

At the EPyC meeting this week the guest speaker was Catalin Marin.


His presentation( see above link) consisted of the images he had taken on his photography workshop in Iceland, which were mainly Long Exposures shots.

I loved his ‘laid back’ ‘chilled out’ style of approaching the composition of his shots and also his explanation’s during his presentation.  Listening to him explain how he takes a shot demystifies the concept that only professionals can take awe inspiring pictures. See the link to his website.

The theme this week for the contest was ‘Street photography

My photos didn’t win. That’s a theme now.

The photo that won the theme ,was an image of a child bursting bubbles in a street.

Souk Street is an image of a very old street with the wind tunnels in the area of Bur Dubai its near the textile souk. I wanted to get as many sticks in the wind towers as possible so I went low to the ground and people just kept on walking around me.

Three’s a crowd. I took this image when I went to the fish market in Deira. I find the body language in this shot very thought provoking and it made me want to know what was going on. I watched them until they became aware of my presence.



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