EPyC meeting

The Emirates Photography Club , EPyC. I am a member of holds bi -weekly meetings. It was lucky, that last week we had a guest speaker from Fujifilm Middle East. Yuta Kawamura . He gave a very interesting talk about mirror-less cameras and sensors.


We discussed the pros and cons of mirror-less cameras which Fujifilm has developed compared to DSLR’s. A few of the members already own mirror-less cameras and they gave reviews on the handling and the effectiveness of these cameras whilst shooting street photography. The main conclusion was that they were enjoyable because they were lightweight and manageable. The quality of image in the examples shown was just as good if not better than that of a DSLR.

Fujifilm developed an Octagonal sensor array which I had read about during the research I did in Exercise 1.. So I actually understood what the speaker was talking about.


There was also a photo contest and the theme was ‘Contrast’. I got a friend to pick my entries as I couldn’t decide. My entries didn’t win. The winning image was an example of the contrast between light and dark in a portrait. A very deserving image.


Camel in the morning fog



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