Exercise 1.1

Exercise 1.1  set up at 11.07am

Shows how a DSLR camera has extraordinary sensitivity as a measuring device.  I put my camera on a tripod outside and took 3 consecutive shots on program mode of the exact same scene.

image of set up taken from an iphone


First Image of Vase and plants
Second image of vase and plants
Third image of vase and plants

Settings- Program mode, F5, 1/160, ISO 100, fl 18mm.

Histograms for the shots above

1st image

2nd Image

3rd Image

From the histograms you can see slight  tiny changes in the ‘Highlights’ but looking at the images visually you would not be able to notice these highlight changes. These slight changes could be caused by something as obscure as a bird flying past or a slight breeze.

To find out more about the sensitivity of a cameras sensor and ‘blinkys’ I read the following links and literature.



‘Digital Photography Handbook’ pages 150-151 (histograms): 28-37 (sensors) by Michael Freeman.







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