Assignment 1

Here is my completed ‘Square Mile’ Assignment which has been emailed to my tutor.


Contact sheets

Please look through and leave comments below.  If any Dubai people are reading this, I would like to know your thoughts as these images are not the usual photos used to advertise Dubai.

Tutor Report

I received my tutor report for my first assignment. Overall his feedback was very complimentary but he made a comment that I need to improve the ‘supporting text ‘ as this will aid me if I am to proceed through a degree pathway.

I have taken all of his comments on board and hopefully I will improve with time and practice.





2 thoughts on “Assignment 1

  1. Hi, Virginia! I enjoyed browsing through your photos. I was kind of hoping to find your thought process on deciding final photos, because I’m currently working on this assignment and found myself in big self-editing problem, haha. But it was great reading your work and happy to find another course mate.

    Ma Li


    1. Hi Ma Li ,

      Thanks for the comment and your right it is good to find another course mate. I feel all alone here in Dubai!
      On Assignment 1 I did a photo walk so I stuck to the order of the walk , if I stopped for a while and took a bunch of images at the same time I would pick the ones I liked and could justify taking and submitting. I took loads of images, hundreds even. Then I whittled it down to 36 (contact sheetworthy) then I picked the final 12. Hope that helps, I’ll have a look at your blog when I get a chance


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