Notes on Assignment 1. ‘Square Mile’

At the weekend I did my photowalk for Assignment 1, I spent a few hours going through all my images and putting together a contact sheet. There were 2 images that I wanted to get but couldn’t arrange.

The neighbours family portrait, I have had to scrap because they are away.

Also I only managed to get one photo of a maid and she was just cleaning a car not walking a dog.( see previous post)

My Square Mile photowalk is fully explained in my OCA written learning log with locations given on a map. I shoot in RAW and change between , Program , Aperture Priority and Manual depending on the situation. I have found that workers don’t have time to hang about while I find my settings. So its easier to start of with Program then see how I go with regards to the situation I am photographing.

I have picked my 12 images and now I am just writing up the captions.

Here are some of my photos I took but didn’t make it to the final pick.

A Pakistani Construction worker


This guy was brushing his teeth with a stick at the gate of a newly built villa.

I asked him if I could take his picture and he obliged. This image is cropped as the were iron gates covered in plastic either side of him which detracted away from the workers stance.

The underpass at Terminal 1 leads out into Garhoud. I have been meaning to photograph this for a while as the other side is a Mosque surrounded by luggage trolleys

Converting it to black and white gives it a sense of Nostalgia.

Surprisingly, I have never noticed this before.

It was placed opposite one of the airport hotels. Its a concrete statue of an eaten apple core on someone’s driveway. Very original for Dubai.

Converted to black and white and some tonal changes were applied to show the texture of the bite mark.


This is as close as I would possibly like to get with my DSLR to Dubai Airport.

If you want to photograph any Government buildings or anywhere that has a lot of women or anywhere really you need a permit.

This doesn’t stop people taking pictures.

I was pondering whether to walk on the sand or the grass.When I noticed a herd of new arrivals had just turned up on a bus at one of the airport hotels. The people in the picture scurried over to the wall to watch the planes taxying while the rest of the people on the bus filed into the hotel. The subjects are that far away I’m not worried about being reported !

The Air traffic control tower has been multi-coloured for about a year now. It always catches my eye when I’m taking my rubbish out.


 Messing about on the Metro station escalator while the police man wasn’t about. 🙂


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