‘Square Mile Practitioners’ part 2

Finished off looking through the links today as its a weekend.

Tom Hunter:  http://www.purdyhicks.com/display.php?aID=10

I looked at his themes depicting his local neighbourhood, there were good but the majority were staged and used models. To me these were art driven not realistic compared to Gawain Barnard. Also there was no written prose to explain any of the photos.

Karen Knorr:  http://www.karenknorr.com

I’ve seen the ‘India Song’ images before as they are doing the rounds on Facebook.  I think the ‘India Song’ collection is an original idea and the impressiveness is getting the animal shadows correct with the way the scene is lit. The most striking image for me was  ‘A place like Amrarati’.  ‘The Maharaja’s apartment’ and ‘The Witness’ were also very skilfully done as the animals were positioned well. The other series on the website were not as interesting.

Peter Mansell and Jodie Taylor

These are OCA students their work and ideas were original.  Peters work had a purpose and I find that I enjoy photographs with a purpose. The tutor in the video expressed how he liked the irony of ‘impact on the Landscape’. To me this shows how Peter has thought about every shot and what he wants to portray.  Also Peters version of landscapes was thought provoking.

Marc Rees: http://www.r-i-p-e.co.uk/

I had problems with the website so I didn’t really have a detailed look at his work. What I was able to read about was his study of two semi-naked men on top of a table which was covered in Vaseline!

JH Engstrom: http://www.jhengstrom.com

I found his collections abit ‘hit’ and ‘miss’. The series of old people dancing and the high vantage point pictures I understood and I liked looking for details within the pictures. The picture of the placenta, I am guessing was for shock value. Which made me think what was the decisive moment being captured there? Maybe if he had taken pictures of it drying out over time that might have been more interesting.

Roni Horn: http://www.tate.org.uk

I enjoyed this collection. The different colours and textures due to the tide in the River Thames made for a good collection of pictures. I liked the use of poetry and information at the bottom of each picture. Occasionally I take pictures of the ripples in the creek in Dubai that also is tidal.

Nandos by night





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