‘Square Mile Practioner’s’

In the coursework we were given links to photographers which practice working within their locality.

The first one was Keith Arnatt, the link didn’t work. So I googled him and found an exhibition he did which was on the Tate Website.


I especially enjoyed his ‘Walking the Dog’ 1976-9 series of photographs. This was a splendid idea to show the dog owners with their dogs. It ties in with ideas I have had for one of the shots for the ‘Square mile’ Assignment 1, ‘Maids dog walking’ . Where I live it’s hot so people get their maids to walk their dogs. The series of photos amused me because a lot of the owners looked like their dogs.

Gawain Barnard – again the link in the coursework wasn’t working. His website was easy to find and the design of it is very clean and crisp.


‘ Maybe We’ll be soldiers’  was my favourite series. I liked the underpasses and the portraits. I felt that they were gritty and reminded me of the film LA Haine.  A must see Film.


One of the photos I would like to do is ‘Neighbours’. I want to take a picture of my Neighbours family standing together. So when I seen Tina Barney’s photographs that give me some ideas on how to deliberately stage the photo so that the photograph will emulate their lifestyle and all their embellishments.


Venetia Dearden -Her Somerset stories  photographs were inspirational for me as I love doing environmental portraits. They display life moving on with time and the details are essential. Each time you look at one of her pictures you can see something else. There are lots of stories within the photograph which create a bigger picture. I particularly enjoyed the photographs of the old men. I take a lot of pictures of old men, its faces with character that tell a story. My friends laugh because I find beard old wrinkly men more photogenic than models. So I have added Venetia Dearden to my favourites.


overall so far I’ve enjoyed researching the photographers and reading the theory behind their work.


Old villa door, Jumeriah one area, Dubai.



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