Thoughts on the First Assignment

I already have 12 images in my head. I have printed off a google map of the area where I live and have drawn a square mile on it. It encompasses such diversity in cultures and I think it will reflect how Dubai is for me and how everyday something new can be seen.

From the big hotels with the opulent surroundings to the garage workers and their lunch tins of rice. My areas for consideration are Umm Ramool , Eat and drink, Le Meridien, Garhoud Bridge, Neighbours, Gardeners, the roadsweepers, Water fountains, Maids and the Mosque.

The Dubai Airport is out of bounds because I don’t want to get arrested for taking pictures of restricted areas.

I have attached a map into my sketchbook. Made lots of notes for guidance and I have also wrote out the shots that I would like to get. Hopefully the temperature will be abit cooler for walking about. I have wandered round my neighbourhood lots of times before taking pictures so I feel quite comfortable setting up the tripod and clicking away.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the First Assignment

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. I love the Autumn Mist in the UK. We will be getting really dense fog here soon but now its actually too hot to go out in the day between 12-4pm. I went walk about this morning at 7am and got back for 9am. Temp was 33 but the humidity was really high. Good luck with the EYV course.


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